Seedway Vegetable Seed Sales

We Sell Seedway Vegetable Seeds
Lauchlin has a contract with Seedway Vegetable Seeds of Elizabethtown, PA to sell vegetable seed to commercial vegetable growers in the state of Maine. This is the only "product" that AgMatters LLC sells. Lauchlin sold this product line during his employment with Agway as a crop specialist, so he has been familiar with the product offerings and their evolution going back to 1975. Seedway offers seed for both conventional and organic growers, with a nice color catalog in each category. If you would like a catalog, please contact us, letting us know which one you need, and we will see that you get it promptly. Seedway conducts variety trials at the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, PA and holds a weeklong training session each summer for their salespeople. Lauchlin attends just about every year and Linda has accompanied him several times. These trials provide us detailed information about the varieties and their individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as general information about vegetable crop production throughout the eastern United States that is very beneficial to the crop consulting aspect of our business as well. We also conduct variety trials at our small farm in Vassalboro, Maine. We trial fifteen to twenty varieties of sweet corn each year. In recent years we have trialed pickling cucumbers, zucchini squash, and pumpkins. We also trial individual varieties of numerous other crops--beans, tomatoes, slicing cucumbers. And of course we get to see and hear what is working well, or not, when we visit our clients throughout the growing season.