Seedway LLC

District Sales Manager

Technical support to Maine seed dealers
Lauchlin has a contract with Seedway LLC of Hall, NY to serve as the District Sales Manager in Maine to provide sales support and technical support to Maine seed dealers who sell seed for Seedway. This is agronomic seed--field corn, soybeans, small grains, and forage seeds, and cover crop seed. Sales support includes helping dealers to understand sales terms and policies of the company as well as assuring that they have up to date information of inventory and pricing. Technical support includes assisting with grower meetings and trainings and planting and harvesting demonstration plots. Dealers need to be aware of and understand the continuing changes in varieties and trait technologies. Maine has some state specific requirements about the sale, purchase, and use of traits that dealers need to be aware of as well. Dealers often ask for technical support as to what crop, variety, or species may work best for various situations at their farmer clients' operation. Maine's climate and growing conditions are very different from most of the rest of New England so it requires local knowledge of these conditions to provide solid advice to our dealers. Dealers also need support when crops do not perform as desired and we help to try to sort out what the problem(s) may be.
Maine Dealers for Seedway Seeds
R. Belanger & Sons Farms - Lewiston, Gold Star Feeds -Augusta, Feed Commodities International - Detroit, Maine Seed Company - Wales, Growing Enterprises - Rockland, Paris Farmers Union - Oxford, Perkco Supply - Exeter, Seedway LLC --Shoreham, VT.