Crop Consulting

for all vegetable, fruit, and forage crops

We contract with clients to provide them with regular visits, phone calls and advice about their crops on an annual basis. We offer the following services:
    • Evaluate Soil Sample Results
To determine nutrient status of soil to allow us to make a prescription fertility recommendation
    • Pre-Sidedress Nitrogen Testing (PSNTs)
An in-season soil test done to determine if there is adequate nitrogen for the crop
    • Tissue Sampling
An in-season plant sample to determine if there are adequate nutrients for the crop
    • Sprayer Calibration
Helps to assure that appropriate rates of pesticide are applied to crops
    • Planter Calibration
Helps to assure that appropriate rates of seed and starter fertilizer are applied to crops
    • Integrated Pest Management for weeds, insects, and disease
Knowing, understanding, and monitoring pest populations is generally the most cost effective and environmentally responsible way to protect crops
    • Field Scouting
We will walk fields to determine if pest protection is necessary
    • Balanced Fertility Recommendations
Based on soil samples, tissue samples, manure applications, and knowledge of soils, rotations, cover crops and other variables that impact fertility for various crops
    • Rotation Planning
Planning rotations can be important for pest management, soil improvement, and yield and quality enhancement
    • Harvest Management
We help farmers determine when various crops are at the appropriate stage for harvest