Agricultural Consulting

Farm and Cropland Evaluation

Are you looking for a farm in Maine, or have questions about a field that may be available for you to lease or purchase? We can help you evaluate if the acreage is of suitable size, soils, slope, and location for the crops that you want to grow. We do this first by discussing your needs and then reviewing soil maps of the parcel in question. If you wish, we will visit the property to see if there are any particular physical challenges that you need to know about. We can pull soil samples while there if that will provide useful information to you as well.

Best Management Practices

We can help you determine what may be Best Management Practices for your farm. There are many, many recognized best management practices for all sorts of agricultural situations. Every farm should be aware of the ones that are appropriate for their farm, crops, and specific situations. General topics include manure handling and nutrient management, pest management, integrated pest management (IPM), Good Agricultural Practices/ Good Handling Practices (GAP/GHP). Knowing and following Best Management Practices may help to provide you protection under the Maine Right to Farm Law.

Farms for the Future
or other New Farmer programs assistance

We have participated in numerous team projects to help farmers put together business plans to move their farm to another level. Linda and Lauchlin have been team leaders on several of these projects with both the Farms for the Future program and with Maine Farmland Trusts Farm Viability Program. These projects pull together a small team of experts (3-5) to help a farm family to identify ways to improve their farm operation, set reasonable goal and expectations, and assist with a business plan to move the project forward. Most of these projects are very successful and it is personally rewarding to see over time the difference that these projects make in peoples' lives.